Create Your New Website

If you lack the time or technical skills to build or maintain your website, Effective solutions offers affordable quarterly or annual maintenance plans that include security updates, personnel and photo changes, new products and services and text descriptions! Daily backups and security updates keep your valuable data safe and minimize downtime.

Effective Solutions secure ecommerce combined with user friendly forms will increase the number of successfully completed transactions for products, services and donations.

Your new email list will result in recurring sales and donations from previous and existing customers. We can interface with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to help drive traffic to your products, services, blog and courses.

What good is your new website if you do not know how to use it? Effective solutions provides training to help you add new products or services, add and update photos, edit webpages, view visitor activity and more. You may sell the best products or offer the greatest service, but without descriptions, no one will know what you offer. Effective solutions knows the words to use that call people to take action. Accessible websites should be usable by all persons. This adds countless potential customers, improves your listings in search engines and is essential for ADA compliance and government contracts. It is smart business and the right thing to do!