Effective Logos and Graphics

Let Effective solutions help create the perfect logo and graphics by getting to know you and your vision for your business or organization. We will get to work on creating a unified image. We’ll provide you with vector and high-resolution files you can use on the web, on promotional materials and merchandise.

Why Have a Logo?

How people see you matters. A well designed logo helps build trust in what it represents. People are more likely to interact with your business or organization if you have a well designed logo. Having a professionally designed logo can be one of the first steps and most effective ways to help shape your image and help give you the advantage over any competitors. A good Logo attracts attention, and they often leave a long lasting impression on people. Just think of the McDonald’s golden arches or the Nike swoosh. Both are easily recognizable by people without any text explaining what they represent.

Logo Redrawing

example of redrawn graphic

We also provide a redrawing service for those who already have a logo that is low quality or low resolution and are not happy with it. We will recreate your logo as a vector image. Any image file format, any color profile, or any size of image can be created without compromising the quality. Vector Images can be scaled and resized and will remain smooth. Allowing you to print things as small as business cards or as large as billboards without losing the sharp defined edges of your logo.

Examples of Our Work

American Council of the Blind of Indiana

American Council of the Blind of Indiana logo
The person walking with a white cane through the outline of Indiana shows that the organization covers all of Indiana and represents its blind residents.

Legend Oldies Radio

Legend Oldies Radio Logo
The font was chosen to resemble signs and advertising used in the 50s and 60s.

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