Effective Communications Services

Welcome to Effective Solutions, the place for all your communication services needs including:

  1. Websites and Audio Services for Broadcasters, Authors and Blindness Organizations.
  2. Training to update and maintain your new website.
  3. Maintenance plans including backups, security updates, copywriting and photo editing.
  4. New or updated logos for websites, business cards, fliers, mailings and social media.
  5. Email marketing for recurring sales and donations from existing and previous clients.
  6. Online payments for products, services and donations using PayPal, Stripe, and Square.
  7. Social media integration with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  8. 30 and 60 second radio commercials, infomercials, and on hold messages.
  9. Live event streaming with audio and video archives.
  10. Zoom Conference hosting, streaming, recording, editing and publishing.

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